Crowdsourced Disaster Management via Twitter #ChennaiRainsHelp

The amazing people of Chennai supported by the Twitterati from the rest of the country have set an admirable precedent in managing disasters in urban areas. In a country where disaster relief services delivery by technology inefficient and inadequate for the large population this is a welcome sight.

There are scores of tweets from people offering and looking out for help.


In this time of crisis the city has opened it’s heart to those suffering from the floods.Public establishments like movie theaters, schools, mosques and temples are opening up their doors to the public and offering them shelter in this time of crisis. People are seen offering help in rescuing those with limited access. While doctors are offering to visit those with injuries and health issues, others are organizing place of shelter by opening their doors to strangers. Some have even offered to recharge the prepaid mobile phones for those stranded in the floods.

Indian army and navy has been actively trying to rescue people stranded in the floods.

Let’s hope that the floods subside at the earliest in Chennai and we can reach out to those in need before it’s too late. While some are expressing their ire on social media on the performance of the government machinery, that discussion can wait. Today the need is for Chennai to come together and make sure that help is at hand for those in need. The government and the armed forces will be limited by logistics and it is the people who are taking the lead today.

This is not the first time that Chennai has faced the wrath of nature and this is also a poignant reminder of how we need to improve our emergency services and disaster management machinery to ensure that no one gets left behind in such times of crisis.