Google WiFi at Railway Stations : Zooms ahead of Facebook in the Free Internet Services game in India

Google starts Free Internet Service in Indian Railway Stations

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Google has started offering FREE INTERNET SERVICES in association with the Indian Railways as a part of the Rail Wire initiative.

Rail Wire is a Government of India initiative that aims to :

“To provide affordable & reliable broadband-on-demand by the year 2015.

To achieve 175 million broadband connections by 2017 & 600 million by 2020 at a minimum of 2 Mbps download speed & making available atleast 100 Mbps on demand.

Enable e-Governance in key sectors like Health, Education, Skill Development, Employment, Governance and Banking to ensure equitable & inclusive growth.

To provide high speed & high quality broadband access by 2020 to all village-panchayats, villages & habitations.”

How to Connect to Google WiFi in Indian Railway Stations

Any WiFi enable device like a laptop, smartphone/tablet can connect to the the RailWire Wi-Fi netwok. You will require a registered and working Indian mobile phone number.
On connecting to the network you will be asked to enter the phone number.
You will then be sent a One Time Password ( OTP )
You have to enter this password to login to the WiFi and … Free Internet!

The first lucky station to get this service is – Mumbai, Central.
The service will initially roll out to 100 major stations and will next be extended to 400 stations across India.
From Google Blog – As our CEO, Sundar Pichai, said when we first announced this project, this is just the first of 100 train stations we’ll be bringing online by the end of the year. And one of 400 stations, across every part of India, that we aim to reach in the years ahead in partnership with Indian Railways and RailTel.

What’s Google WiFi speed ? Are there data caps or FUP ?

The initial updates say that the service will provide high speeds for an hour and then users would be able to browse at lower speeds. WE are yet to get information if there are paid tiers to this service or if it will be completely free.

Is Google WiFi same as RailTel or RailWire ?

The RailWire website lists paid service for variety of users with both FUP enabled as well as Unlimited plangs. This seems to be different from Google’s WiFi Service which is said to be limited but free ( details awaited ).

Stay tuned for more details. The page shall be updated with new updates.