N Srinivasan hold on cricket under threat from BJP,NCP and Dalmiya ?

As per DNA India the speculation is that now that the Maratha strongman Sharad Pawar has agreed to shake hands with the BJP by providing unconditional support the the BJP government in Maharashtra, this will lead to the end of N Srinivasan’s reign in BCCI and by extension on the game of cricket.

The speculation continues that they have the cooperation of Cricket Association of Bengal president Jagmohan Dalmiya. With Sharad Pawar, president of the Mumbai Cricket Association, joining hands with the Bengal Board President it will be a lobby powerful enough to ensure that Srinivasan is removed from the BCCI. Supposedly Bihar Cricket secretary Aditya Verma has met Sharad Pawar and is orchastrating the move to take the game of cricket out of the mess it is currently in. It may be recalled that Aditya Verma is a petitioner in a case against N Srinivasan.

From the BJP there are big names who are stakeholders in Indian cricket :
Amit Shah BJP president is also the president Gujarat Cricket Association.
Arun Jaitley of Delhi and District Cricket Association
Anurag Thakur of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association

According to DNA India the last two are part of the Srinivasan camp and might shift sides to support the move if Amit Shah he backs the move.

Going by the current numbers,according to a DNA source in West Zone BCCI – BJP’s numbers in the BCCI and Railways, Services and All India Universities – which are votes controlled by the govt should be enough to create the monumental shift in power. If this happens it might leave the Srinivasan camp with barely seven votes out of 30 at the AGM scheduled in November.The 5 fence sitters might not be able to provide Srinivasan camp the required numbers.

This can be a historic shift in Indian cricket and by extension world cricket. With all the recent allegations that Mr N Srinivasan has to deal with, this will only add to his worries. On the other hand, cleaning up cricket and giving it a new direction will work in favor of the Narendra Modi government, as even by playing a small role in make the game better BJP members will gain the goodwill of the nation.