Rahul Gandhi’s hypocritical quest for ‘individuality’


Rahul Gandhi’s PR machine has found a new topic for the hero of the dynasty to latch on to. This could have been a great issue to connect with the youth, except that the myopia is strong on this one. One needs to look at a few news clippings from a year back which were a reaction to the phenomenal drubbing dished out to Congress party in the 2014 national elections.

Gufran-e-Azam said in 2014

“He has destroyed the Youth Congress. Now he is trying to destroy the NSUI. Next he will destroy the Congress. Whatever responsibility you give him he will destroy that.”

Gufran-e-Azam was expelled from the Congress party on Wednesday, October 15, for ‘indulging in anti-party activities.’

His criticism of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi incensed the ‘high command,’

Bhanwar Lal Sharma in 2014

The Congress Party on Sunday suspended Rajasthan legislator Bhanwar Lal Sharma for saying Rahul Gandhi led “team of jokers” in the recent general elections, a party leader said.
A defiant Sharma said he stood by his remarks and challenged the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and his mother and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

TH Mustafa in 2014

Blaming Rahul Gandhi for the party’s electoral reverses in the Lok Sabha election, Mustafa on Wednesday termed the Congress vice president a ‘joker’ and demanded he be removed from his posts if he does not step down voluntarily.

TH Mustafa, a former minister, also demanded Rahul’s sister Priyanka Gandhi be made the new party chief.

Addressing reporters in Kochi, Mustafa said that Rahul Gandhi should quit from his post and if he does not, he should be removed.

“Rahul behaved like a joker and that’s the reason why the Congress suffered a major reversal in the Lok Sabha polls. The role of a prime minister is not child’s play and the people knew it and handed out the worst defeat to the Congress party.

It’s not hard to imagine what happened to the future of these stalwarts in Congress after giving out such statement. They found the party didn’t approve of their ‘individual’ opinions.

Individuality is the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

If Rahul Gandhi loves ‘individuality’ and is a passionate defender it’s imperative for him to explain why Congressmen can’t have some of this individuality when they have strong and critical opinions about their leadership and a particular dynasty or it’s heir.

It stinks of hypocrisy when one considers the fact that Rahul Gandhi’s party has stifled criticism within the party and pushed veteran Congressmen out of the party for criticizing him. Whether Narendra Modi and RSS are are autocratic or ‘anti individual’ is a point open to debate. What Rahul Gandhi has to answer to the public is this –

How can the Indian public believe that Rahul Gandhi and Congress will support freedom of speech and criticism of their party and leader when they don’t encourage the same values within their party.

Rahul Gandhi should come forward and address why he didn’t step in to protect the freedom of speech of these veteran Congress leaders. Did he meet with them and discuss their concerns ? Were they fairly treated by the party for expressing their opinions ? Once Rahul answers these, it will inspire some confidence from the voting public who will other wise see his words as a carefully crafted pre election bravado and an empty promise.