Robert Vadra snaps at reporter when asked about land deals

Robert Vadra loses his cool and snaps at reporter when asked about land deals.

Something that we found funny about the start of the video was that Robert Vadra was being extremely positive about a fitness center or fitness machinery. Makes the video almost like a product placement video gone viral. Except that it deals with the son in law of India’s erstwhile ‘first family’.

The actions of Vadra are not really an ‘assault’ on the journalist as news media made it out to be. There is an allegation ( not seen in the video clip ) that SPG protecting Vadra wanted the reporter to delete the footage. That if true would be improper.

The discomfort of Robert Vadra for answering questions related to his land deals will bring a chuckle to millions of Indians who have been waiting for him to be brought to justice for the ‘alleged’ real estate scams. Also, the fact that Robert Vadra feels rattled by this line of questioning ‘indicates’ that some actions related to investigations into the deals is on, for him to feel perturbed about it.

Updated : Congress put forward their usual arguments about Vadra being a private citizen and that it was not appropriate for the media to question him. Not surprisingly Renuka Chowdhury was there firefighting for the ‘First Family’ of Congress.